I'm Joanna. Born, raised, and based in the South West of England, I'm a friendly and approachable professional photographer (and wannabe cowgirl) available for weddings & elopements, portraits, branding & family photo sessions.

My photography style utilises warm burnt orange/earthy tones, usually captured out in the natural elements. I’m lucky to be based right between the countryside and coastline, so expect to see sandy beaches, or rocky National Trust headlands or woodland on Exmoor. Anything that sparks a sense of wanderlust and adventure! I'm also available to travel to you, wherever you are in the UK or abroad.

Please get in touch if you’d like to chat about my photography services, discuss your creative vision or just ramble about dogs & horses (I'm obsessed with both) Either way, I'd love to say hello!

Joanna xox


Sonder (n.) the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own—populated with their own ambitions, friends, routines, worries, and inherited craziness—an epic love story that continues invisibly around you like an anthill sprawling deep underground, with elaborate passageways to thousands of other lives that you’ll never know existed, in which you might appear only once, as an extra sipping coffee in the background, as a blur of traffic passing on the highway, as a lighted window at dusk.

West - that's simply a little nod to the wonderful place I call home - the magnificent South West of England.